Where can I buy it?

Our chai is available through most health food shops and organic food retailers. If your local shop doesn’t have it in stock they can order it in through ‘Unique Health Products’ (all shops deal with this distributor). We also offer free postage to your door if you order over $70.

How do I store my chai?

Chai doesn’t like sunlight, air or moisture. It’s best stored in the packet or an airtight container in the pantry. Also don’t put the chai in the fridge as it can add moisture and will make the raw honey go hard.

How do I brew it?

See our ‘How to Brew’ tab for directions on brewing the perfect chai.

What are the best milks to use?

This is a tricky question as it’s affected by personal taste and dietary requirements. The chai will taste vastly different with different milks. Homemade nut milks work well (particularly with some cashews included).

I’d recommend trying a few of my favourite milks below.

-Bonsoy, Bonsoy Almond Milk, Minor Figures Oat Milk, Macamilk.

These are based on flavour alone, though I tend to use the Pureharvest Oat milk regularly as its Australian made and organic so suits my ethics better than the above milks.