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Chai is my passion...

Before I started The Fresh Chai Co I observed that the best chai I’d ever had was at yoga retreats or small festivals. In these places the chai is lovingly prepared and served with a sentiment of nourishment and deliciousness.

Like all good food there’s an extra something embodied in the chai from the grower and the maker. The extra care for the ingredients along the way add to the taste and the feeling you get after drinking it. This is the sort of chai that I wanted to make.

I choose only 100% certified organic ingredients and buy Fairtrade. I am passionate about making the best possible chai so the method takes time and care. I stone mill whole spices, I mortar and pestle select spices and infuse our raw honey and agave with whole vanilla for weeks. It’s very likely my chai is lovingly handled more than any other chai in the world to produce something with lively flavour and feeling.

I hope you can taste and feel the difference.

 Adam Donoghue - FOUNDER